Why I'm Running

Maryland is at a crossroads and having leaders that are willing to stand up for common sense policies is more critical now than ever before.

The Maryland General Assembly continues to pass laws that make living and doing business in Maryland harder and harder everyday. They've voted to increase taxes on working families, overspend government resources leading to higher inflation, and impact small businesses with burdensome regulations. I promise to never vote for a tax increase and to actively work to reduce the corporate income tax, state gas tax and state income taxes.

Another core focus of my campaign is advocating for a Parents Bill of Rights in education. Over the last few years there has been a state and national effort to use K-12 schools for social programming, while de-prioritizing their core purpose of reading, writing, and arithmetic. That cannot happen in Carroll County. Politics should be left out of the classroom, schools should be kept open, and all education decisions should be made by the county school board where the members are held directly accountable by parents and residents. In Annapolis, I will fight everyday for these standards.

Additionally, violent crime continues to rise throughout the state and the Maryland General Assembly continues to take no action to solve the problem. In fact, they have made it worse by repealing the Law Enforcement Officer's Bill of Rights (LEOBOR) and softening sentences for violent criminals. Legislators in Annapolis have made Maryland a more dangerous place. I am the son of a law enforcement officer and a strong supporter of police officers and pro-active community policing. I will always vote to defend our law enforcement officers and protect those who spend everyday protecting us.

Additionally, I want you to know, I am pro-2nd amendment, pro-life and pro-right-to-farm.